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Solid-State Side-View LiDAR

Automotive Grade, Designed for Series Production, High Performance, Lower Cost

Key Specifications

  • 120°
    Horizontal FOV
  • 75°
    Vertical FOV
  • 88×48 mm
    Window Size(W×H)
  • 10~25Hz
    Frame Rate
  • <500g
  • <10W
* Product is customizable per customer's needs. Please refer to the mass production version
for actual product appearance, size, and specifications.
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    Advanced Driver Assistance System (L2-L3)
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    Blind Spot Detection
    Intelligent Chassis Assistance Solution
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    LDSatellite® Side-View LiDAR
    LiDAR System Solution for Series Production
    Data Solution for Perception Training
    LD Mobile Station
    Smart Transportation Solution

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Designed on Chip, Flash E-Scanning Tech, Compact Appearance

No moving parts,higher reliability, and longer lifetime

Ultra Wide FOV, Full Perception for Small Objectives

Designed for blind-spot detection

Self-developed AI perception algorithm,
precision detection of dynamic and static objectives

Application Scenarios

  • Automatic lane change
  • Blind spot crossing
  • Vehicle cut-in
  • Intersection turning
  • Vision

    Discover unprecedence,enlighten future mobility.

  • Values

    Be sincere with others, be objective with matters, and be frank with yourself.
    Open-minded and inclusive, with a mindset that embraces change and acts quickly and agilely.
    Focus on innovation, be persistent, and stick to what's valuable until you succeed.

  • Mission

    Become a global leader in intelligent applications of LiDAR.

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